ClearView SD4250 Rack Mount SD Quad DVBT Modulator

ClearView SD4250 Rack Mount SD Quad DVBT Modulator

ClearView SD4250 Rack Mount SD Quad DVBT Modulator

The SD4250 is a Rack Mount 4 composite or 4 
Component video inputs standard definition 
DVB-T COFDM modulator which provides a
COFDM RF signal in range of 50-860MHz. The SD4250
is designed to achieve 576i/480i by using an MPEG2 
low latency encoding engine and state-of-the-art 
COFDM modulation technologies. It is an excellent 
choice to convert SD video/audio signals to digital
TV signals for distribution though your home or an
MATV system.

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Features include-
* Integration of Encoder, TSMux  and DVB-T Modulator in one box. 
* Multi-channel video interface,
4 composite video (CVBS) or 4 component video (YPbPr) on 1 RF DVBT carrier
* Multiple audio format compatibility including MPEG-l Layer II
* Frequency Range: 50-860MHz
* Programmable PMT/Video/ Audio/PCR PID
* Programmable Network ID, Network Name, 
* Service Name, Private Data Specifier and
* Logical Channel Number
* User friendly configuration programmable via LCD
display and easy and fast web GUI via LAN

4 CVBS Inputs via RCA sockets 
4 YPbPr Inputs via RCA sockets 
MPEG-2 encoding format Video (ISO/IEC 13818-2)
Video Resolutions 576i/480i

4 stereo 10K ohm inputs via RCA sockets
MPEG-1 encoding format Audio Layer 1I

PMT/Video/Audio/PCR PID Settings
15 Alpha numberic characters for Service name
Network Name/Original Network ID/Network ID/
Private Data Specifier
16 bit transport stream ID

Parameter adjustable by front buttons and
LCD display, or via NMS Software (Supplied)
19 inch rack mounting system

DVB-T Standard (ETSEN300 744) 
Bandwidth 6/7/8 MHz
Carriers 2K/8K
Constellation 16QAM/64QAM/QPSK 
Guard Interval 1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32
Code Rate 1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8 
Frequency Range 50-860MHz
Output Level 75-90dBuV
MER >40dB (Typical) 

Dimensions 40mm x 290mm x 440mm
Powered by 100 to 240VAC
35W power consumption
4Kg weight