ClearView HD168A Low Cost Quad HD MPEG4 DVBT Modulator

ClearView HD168A Low Cost Quad HD MPEG4 DVBT Modulator

This HD Encoder Modulator supports 4 HDMI inputs and 1 RF F female output.
Will accept up to 1080P on the HDMI input, and
maximum output resolution is 1080P.
One carrier can carry up to four high-definition programs.
After encoding and modulating, the input signal can be directly outputted or mixed
with original TV signal. It can be used in home entertainment, security,
protection monitoring, hotel LCD panels, shopping mall advertising etc..

User manual Here

Specifications :

HDMI(Type A)
HDMI Input supports HDCP

DVB-T modulator (F female)
Frequency : 100-858MHz

Local Interface  control buttons + LCD panel
Remote management Web NMS
NMS Interface RJ45
Output Level :  90 ~ 105dBuV
Encoding : HDMI: MPEG4 H.264/AVC
Output Resolution
HDMI: 1280x720_60p, 1280x720_50p
Input Resolution
HDMI: 1920X1080_60i, 1920X1080_50i
1280x720_60p, 1280x720_50p, 1920X1080_50p

Encoding Format : ADPCM, MPEG-1  layer 2 audio
and AAC-LC streams.
HDMI embedded audio

DVB-T Modulation
Standard : DVB-T (ETSI EN 300 744)
Bandwidth: 7 / 8 MHz
Mode:  8K
Constellation: 64QAM
Guard Interval: 1/32
Code Rate:  7/8

MER >35
Frequency Range:  100~858MHz
Output Level: 90 ~ 105dBuV

Temperature Range :  
Operating Temperature  0 ~ +50
Storage Temperature  -10 ~ +70
Power Supply :  110-240V 50/60Hz
Weight : 3.1Kg
Size: 425 x 205 x 40 mm